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How to make a Queen by Kindness and Understanding

DISCLAIMER: If you want to upbring your daughter in your own way and enjoy all her victories and downfalls with her, please do not read this walkthrough. If you want to experience the game fully by yourself, please do not read this walkthrough. Study this walkthrough only if you really want to know how did I upbring young Leo Queen, who married the Prince and received 1286 points score, without changing her youth into a concentration camp.

Birthday. I was born at 5th August, so I wanted my girl to be born at the same time as was I, although I know that it is not the best date for the powergaming, because she'll not be able to win all eight festivals, she'll have less than 2 months before the first one start. But I'm Leo, my father is Leo, my grandfather from the father's side was Leo and grandmother from mother's side is Leo, so my daughter must be Leo. It does not matter the odds, we'll win, because we're Lions!

Blood Type. I chose AB type blood, because it gave her +2 Sensitivity bonus, which is quite nice at the beginning and quite disturbing in the end. AB type blood also increases Stress by +1, if you had any Stress at the end of the last month. I do not like B type blood characteristics, although it reduces Stress by -2 per month. I do not enjoy A type blood too, the price of +2 Morals per month is too high, because you also receive +2 Stress, and I want my girl be totally happy at least sometimes. 0 Type Blood gives +1 Stress if you had any in the end of the month and it has some positive sides too, but I was unable to find what they are. So I chose AB type blood.

So here she is, Luna Silverwind, 10 years old little girl

Constitution: 50

Strength: 50

Intelligence: 7

Refinement: 42

Charisma: 18

Morals: 23

Faith: 10

Sensitivity: 9

Fighter Reputation: 37

Magic Reputation: 16

Social Reputation: 38

Housework Reputation: 18

Combat Skill: 32

Combat Attack: 5

Combat Defense: 0

Magical Skill: 2

Magical Attack: 6

Magical Defense: 8

Decorum: 15

Art: 8

Conversation: 15

Cooking: 7

Cleaning: 9

Temperament: 2

Height: 4.10'' (147cm), Weight: 96.02lbs (43kg), 29.44-22.17-30.62'' (75-56-78cm)

5th August 1200 to 31st October 1201 My main task was to raise her Cooking skill up to 100 and then gaining a Sensitivity level of 100 at least, because it'd gave her a good chance to win Cooking contest and gain valuable money. Her AB blood will help with a Sensitivity a little bit.

5th August 1200

Tailor: Buy Summer and Winter Dresses

Castle: Guard - Popularity: 18

August 1200

3x Housework

Castle: Guard - Popularity: 26

Stats: Cooking: 16, Cleaning: 21, Temperament: 12, Housework Reputation: 49

September 1200

3x Housework

Castle: Guard - Popularity: 34

Luna became a little bit rebellious (delinquency 25%) and I was forced to scold her. It was the first and the last time I did it.

Stats: Cooking: 28, Cleaning: 32, Temperament: 23, Housework Reputation: 83

October 1200

Castle: Guard - Popularity: 40

I gave Luna a rest after such a hard work and she whispered to me that she thinks that her bust size is only average. I comforted her, that it'll grow into very attractive form after a while. She smiled happily and fell asleep.

November 1200

3x Housework

Stats: Cooking: 42, Cleaning: 47, Temperament: 37, Housework Reputation: 126

December 1200

2x Housework

1x Free Time without money

Stats: Cooking: 52, Cleaning: 57, Temperament: 44, Housework Reputation: 157

January 1201

3x Housework

She met a boy of her age in the castle and had a lot of fun, at least she said so. I'm glad that she befriend people so easily. Unfortunately she is still worried with the "average" size of her bust. Hmm, maybe that boy really impressed her. I hope that she'll not have a complex about her bust. At least I'll do my best to remove such nonsense from her mind.

Stats: Cooking: 66, Cleaning: 70, Temperament: 58, Housework Reputation: 194

February 1201

2x Housework

1x Free Time without money

A strange being who called himself Domovoi visited us and granted her some power to become even more better at Cooking.

Stats: Cooking: 76, Cleaning: 79, Temperament: 66, Housework Reputation: 221

March 1201

3x Housework

I gave her 20G as pocket money, Luna truly deserves this small gift, she works nearly all the time.

Stats: Cooking: 90, Cleaning: 93, Temperament: 78, Housework Reputation: 261

April 1201

2x Housework

1x Free Time without money

She said to me that it is impossible to defeat monsters outside the castle. I smiled to myself: if everything will go as I plan, then after a year or two she'll not be afraid of mere pseudo-dragons or condors.

Stats: Cooking: 98, Cleaning: 99, Temperament: 87, Housework Reputation: 284

May 1201

2x Housework

1x Vacation at mountains

Now we'll begin our work on her Sensitivity. Taking care of little children should be a nice work for her.

Stats: Cooking: 103, Cleaning: 104, Temperament: 95, Housework Reputation: 298, Sensitivity: 13

June 1201

2x Babysitter

1x Free Time without money

Stats: Sensitivity: 32

July 1201

2x Babysitter

1x Vacation at sea

Stats: Sensitivity: 51

August 1201

2x Babysitter

1x Vacation at mountains

I bought her a nice doll as a birthday present and gave her 30G as pocket money too, she works a lot and deserves it.

Stats: Sensitivity: 97

September 1201

2x Babysitter

1x Free Time without money

I fear that she is very sad last time, I hope that she understand that it'll be great if she'll win Cooking contest while being only 11 years old, and that she'll hold on. I bought her a Poetry Book and a Doll to make her a little bit happier.

Stats: Sensitivity: 123

October 1201
There was fifty-fifty chance of winning Cooking contest. She did it, gained +40 Housework Reputation, 3000G and Egg of Bird of Paradise. Cube made a nice omlette and her constitution increased by +50. Fortunately the bird inside was really dead, because of bad conditions at storehouse. I feared that increased Sensitivity would force her to stop working even 2 times per month, and we could not afford it now.

Stats: Constitution: 100, Housework Reputation: 338

1st November 1201 to 31st October 1202 Now I was sure that she'll be able to win second Cooking contest with ease due to still increasing Sensitivity. The next contests I wanted her to win after two Cooking ones were Art contests and so we needed money. Farm should be a good deal preparing her for long adventures, improving her physical condition and providing us money support.

November 1201

1x Housework

1x Church

1x Rest without money

In the end of the month a strange piggy-thing visited us with a lot of jewelry and strange items to sell. Luna truly deserved something that'd make her happier, and so I bought her Venus Jewels.

Stats: Temperament: 100, Housework Reputation: 343, Morals: 31, Faith: 26

December 1201

2x Farm

1x Vacation at mountains

Stats: Constitution: 117, Strength: 67, Sensitivity: 122

January 1202

1x Farm

1x Rest without money

1x Vacation at mountains

Once again she met somebody extremely interesting in the palace, but she did not tell me anything and just blushed every time I tried to ask her.

Stats: Constitution: 125, Strength: 75, Sensitivity: 135

February 1202

1x Farm

2x Church

Stats: Constitution: 134, Strength: 84, Morals: 47, Faith: 58

March 1202

1x Farm

1x Rest without money

1x Vacation at mountains

Stats: Constitution: 143, Strength: 93, Sensitivity: 150

April 1202

2x Farm

1x Church

Stats: Constitution: 160, Strength: 110, Morals: 55, Faith: 74

May 1202

2x Church

1x Rest without money

Stats: Morals: 72, Faith: 108

June 1202

2x Farm

1x Vacation at sea

In the mid of summer she suddenly proclaimed that babysitting is fine. I was embarrassed.

Stats: Constitution: 177, Strength: 127

July 1202

2x Farm

1x Vacation at sea

Stats: Constitution: 194, Strength: 144

August 1202

2x Farm

1x Vacation at sea

Luna received a nice doll to her birthday.

Stats: Constitution: 211, Strength: 161

September 1202

2x Farm

1x Church

Stats: Constitution: 228, Strength: 178, Morals: 80, Faith: 124

October 1202
She easily won Cooking contest, her housework reputation increased. Her prize was once again 3000G and nice omlette from the egg.

Stats: Constitution: 279, Housework Reputation: 383

1st November 1202 to 31st October 1203 So she became the best housegirl in the city, and it was time to turn her attention upon other aspects of life. Our next aim was to challenge best painters of the country and win Art contest. It will be challenging, but we'll surely win.

November 1202

2x Church

1x Rest with money

Piggy-thing was there again and Luna wanted Demon Pendant, mainly because of it's mysterious name. Cube proclaimed, that there is no kind of black or other magic in it, so I didn't worry about it. After receiving new present, Luna asked me if clothes looked good on her. I must not forget that she's growing.

Stats: Morals: 97, Faith: 158

December 1202

3x Farm

Luna feels being under stress.

Stats: Constitution: 304, Strength: 204, Stress: 78

January 1203

1x Rest with money

1x Farm

1x Vacation at mountains

After visiting palace she said that it really lifts her spirits to hear birds singing in the morning. The same birds sang to me that it's not only reason why are her spirits so high right now. Now it's the right time to start painting classes.

Stats: Constitution: 312, Strength: 212, Sensitivity: 198

February 1203

3x Painting

Stats: Sensitivity: 210, Art: 32, Social Reputation: 62

March 1203

2x Painting

1x Rest without money

Stats: Sensitivity: 223, Art: 49, Social Reputation: 79

April 1203

3x Painting

Luna told me that some kind of funny being calling himself Paimon visited her and gave her some of his power, so her Decorum increased +3. Luna said that sister in church is really good person. I'm glad that she thinks so, and does not say such things about young anarchic delinquents.

Stats: Sensitivity: 239, Art: 82, Decorum: 18, Social Reputation: 115

May 1203

2x Painting

1x Rest without money

Now we are running out of money, so Luna will spend some time on Farm.

Stats: Sensitivity: 250, Art: 100, Social Reputation: 133

June 1203

3x Farm

She said that she wants to visit sister at church. Poor Luna, maybe she's working too much, I'll give her some rest next month.

Stats: Constitution: 337, Strength: 237

July 1203

1x Rest without money

1x Farm

1x Vacation at sea

She really enjoyed vacation and said that she felt great all the days.

Stats: Constitution: 346, Strength: 246

August 1203

2x Farm

1x Painting

My daughter received another doll. Until she enjoys them, why not to present them to her? But on the other side, she said that babysitting is important, so maybe she's not so small after all?

Stats: Constitution: 363, Strength: 263, Sensitivity: 281

September 1203

2x Farm

1x Painting

Luna painted really magnificent picture she named "Advent of Angels", her teacher said that it'll get about 100 points at competition, he never saw such a great work from such young and relatively inexperienced pupil. My daughter also received 30G as pocket money, she was under high stress quite a while.

Stats: Constitution: 380, Strength: 280, Sensitivity: 289, Stress: 108

October 1203
Luna won Art contest! That meant 4000G award, Master Brush, which we sold for 1050G and her Social Reputation raised by +30. Now we have 5583G at our disposal. She told me, that she feels being under stress. After all, it was not the easiest contest of her life.

Stats: Social Reputation: 163

1st November 1203 to 31st October 1204 Now it is time to train my daughter in martial arts, so she'll be able to defend herself. It'll be important, because she's growing into a really beautiful girl and even now kids from neighborhood give her an eye.

November 1203

1x Rest with money

2x Fighting

After some rest she said that she hear spirit of the wind singing. I feel that changing exercises from mental to physical at fresh air was really good idea.

Stats: Combat Skill: 50, Fighter Reputation: 83

December 1203

2x Fighting

1x Vacation at mountains

Stats: Combat Skill: 67, Fighter Reputation: 100, Sensitivity: 306

January 1204

2x Fighting

1x Vacation at mountains

Today Valkria visited my daughter for the first time. She proclaimed that Luna is raising into a fine warrior and granted her some power (Combat Skill +3). Luna's spirits were raised even more after the visit of palace. Who is that mysterious young man she is so fond of?

Stats: Combat Skill: 87, Fighter Reputation: 120, Sensitivity: 319

February 1204

3x Fencing

Luna wanted to have some real armour and sword to become true warrior, so I bought her nice Longsword and Chainmail.

Stats: Combat Skill: 100, Combat Attack: 57, Fighter Reputation: 157

March 1204

3x Fencing

Luna said that some kind of hard chap tried to steal school's sign, but she defeated him. Once again Valkria arrives to our house (Combat Attack: +4). I'm really proud of my daughter, she's becoming really honourable fighter.

Stats: Combat Skill: 98, Combat Attack: 99, Fighter Reputation: 226

April 1204

1x Farm

1x Rest with money

1x Forest adventure (220 + 250G and Ancient Milk)

Luna also met some kind of bandit in the forest and unsurprisingly defeated the wimp, taking his purse (30G) and Leather armour as a trophy. For her courage and dragging the criminal into the guard's hands, she was rewarded 500G and her reputation raised. We sold Light armour and Ancient Milk for 49 + 250G.

Stats: Fighter Reputation: 263

Luna turned into powerful warrior

May 1204

1x Lake adventure (300G, Fairy Nectar and Black Scale)

My daughter defeated monsters and received 278G for it. She also captured notorious Venerazo and escorted him into the castle. On the way back she was lucky to find 6G. Reward was 1500G and increased reputation (Fighter Reputation: +30). Trophies from Venerazo were 286G and Chainmail.

2x Farm

We went to town to sell Chainmail, when another weak-minded individual challenged my daughter to duel, she won easily of course. Now we have 5009G at our disposal.

Stats: Constitution: 407, Strength: 307, Combat Skill: 98, Combat Attack: 101, Fighter Reputation: 313

June 1204

1x Fighting

1x Vacation at sea

1x Glacier adventure (400G, Katana and Ice Shard)

This time she brought in chains Hurricane Castio himself, together with 386G and his Mithril armour. She was rewarded with 3500G. We sold Chainmail and Longsword and reequipped my daughter with Mithril armour and Katana. There was some kind of challenger before our doors too, Luna disarmed him in a second.

Stats: Combat Skill: 131, Combat Attack: 109, Combat Defense: 29, Fighter Reputation: 393

July 1204

2x Decorum

1x Vacation at sea

Stats: Refinement: 17, Decorum: 35, Social Reputation: 180

August 1204
Luna said that she heard the legend of the Undead warrior plaguing cemetery of our fine town and want to investigate the matter. I did not like the idea, but she was defiant enough.

2x Cemetery

And she really faced Undead Knight, the Terror From The Grave, himself! She's really 'lucky' in meeting such creatures. She defeated him and took 2539G as a reward. I'm very glad that she was able to defeat such a monstrosity and not take a scratch by herself. I took her to sea to give her some rest after combat with supernatural horror.

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Royal Knight - Popularity: 45

She also received a nice Teacup as a birthday present. After such heroic deeds she felt herself more wanted person at castle and for the first time spoke with Royal Knight. In the end of month she also mentioned that she likes sister at church much, maybe the last weeks were a little bit too much for her after all. By the way now we have 10432G.

Stats: Sensitivity: 364, Charisma: 116

September 1204

3x Decorum

Castle: Royal Knight - Popularity: 53

This month Paimon granted some more power to Luna: Art +4. Anita, girl from Zak's armoury insulted my daughter and said that she is just a poor wimp when it comes to real fighting. Luna defeated challenger on the street immediately after that in a furious combat. I advised Luna to ignore stupid girl.

Stats: Refinement: 67, Decorum: 63, Art: 104

October 1204

Castle: Royal Knight - Popularity: 61

Although Luna wanted to punish Anita for provocation, I felt it was more rational to go to Art contest. After all humility must play great part in the soul of True Warrior. Of course, Luna's 'Advent of Angels' won the contest, she received 4000G and Master Brush that we sold for 1050G.

Stats: Social Reputation: 240

1st November 1204 to 31st October 1205 I felt that Luna was now nearly undefeatable at close combat, so it was time to train my daughter in Magic arts, so she'd be able not only to protect herself with mystic powers, but also to use them at her will.

November 1204

3x Decorum

Castle: Royal Knight - Popularity: 73

Stats: Refinement: 103, Decorum: 95, Social Reputation: 274

December 1204

1x Decorum

1x Desert adventure (800 + 600G, Dragon Fang)

Luna was very excited after her trip into desert. She said that she met young impudent dragon and defeated him (200G, Healing Pill) and a lot of really scary monsters (1103G). She spoke about old dragon who did not want to let her in because she was too young. Near lone oasis in the deeps of the desert she said that she met sad Spirit and gave her Spirit ring, in which there was Spirit Egg (Refinement: +50). If I'll only catch that pig-thing who sell spirit eggs to people! She was also happy to return Demon Pendant to Demons for the cost 1500G. I was glad she did not want their cursed Circe's Charm. Although greatly increasing one's beauty, it also corrupts his soul. We sold Dragon Fang for 1100G and now have 18365G!

1x Vacation at mountains

Castle: Royal Knight - Popularity: 90

January 1205

2x Church

1x Vacation at mountains

And once again Luna went to palace early morning to return nearly at midnight and did not say me anything. Maybe she's in love with this young man? I hope that she is wise enough to see inside the heart of man, not only listen to his lies - I remember my own youth - or see his muscles.

Stats: Morals: 114, Faith: 192, Sensitivity: 396

February 1205

3x Magic

We begin to have a small pandemonium at home: yesterday Fay visited us and asked Luna if she want her to help. Luna choose Magic Attack +6. Luna also wanted to meet King for the first time. I asked her if after all these bandits, dragons and undead creatures, she's no longer afraid of anything. She answered to me, that she is still afraid, but tries to control her fear.

Castle: King - Popularity: 130

Stats: Magic Skill: 29, Magic Attack: 34, Magic Reputation: 99

March 1205

3x Magic

This month Fay visited us again and Luna wanted to increase Magic Skill +10. Another challenger and another victory for my young daughter.

Castle: King - Popularity: 171

Stats: Magic Skill: 62, Magic Attack: 65

April 1205

2x Science

1x Vacation at mountains

Fay raised Luna's Magic Skill by +3.

Castle: King - Popularity: 212

Stats: Intelligence: 53, Sensitivity: 412, Magic Skill: 65, Magic Reputation: 164

May 1205

2x Science

1x Vacation at mountains

Castle: King - Popularity: 253

Stats: Intelligence: 88, Sensitivity: 425

June 1205

2x Science

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: King - Popularity: 294

Luna is certainly growing, today she asked me if her figure is ok. Now she is 32-22-33" (81-56-84cm) for 15 years girl. I calmed her that if I'd met her when I was young I'd be in love with her immediately. She was happy to hear it and laughed. I received title: "not so bad father after all".

Stats: Intelligence: 138

July 1205

3x Magic

Castle: King - Popularity: 335

Luna defeated another challenger. Today with magic. She said it was fun to fry his ass with fireballs.

Stats: Magic Skill: 108, Magic Attack: 106, Magic Reputation: 258

August 1205

1x Magic

Fay visited her once again and gave bonus to Magic Attack +4.

1x Desert adventure

Luna wanted to visit old dragon once again after becoming 15 and returned with very interesting sexy costume she called Dragon Tights. I asked her if she has any problems with her figure now. She called me jerk.

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: King - Popularity: 376

Stats: Magic Skill: 113, Magic Attack: 110, Magic Reputation: 267

'Do you think my figure is ok?..'

September 1205

3x Church

Castle: King - Popularity: 380

Stats: Faith: 244, Morals: 140

October 1205
Yes, this was one of Luna's greatest days: today she finally joined Fighter Festival. Old warriors laughed, when they saw her, 15 years old young girl. Her first opponent was Anita of course. She downed her with 4 fireballs without receiving a single hit. There were 3 other warriors and she defeated them all just with magic. Her reward was 4x300 + 3000G, Royal Sword and Magic Reputation +20. We sold Katana and now possess 15894G. Luna went to palace and said that old general is very interesting older man, who is able to speak about battles of old and strategic moves nearly infinite time.

Castle: General - Popularity: 415

1st November 1205 to 31st October 1206 So, Luna is now the best warrior and magic-user in the kingdom. This year we'll spend some time to raise her social skills, so she'll become the most popular young lady in the kingdom too.

November 1205

3x Decorum

Castle: General - Popularity: 450

Stats: Refinement: 285

December 1205

2x Decorum

1x Vacation at mountains

Castle: General - Popularity: 480

Luna defeated yet another challenger with magic. We were very embarrassed when young spirit flew inside window of our house and gave her thanks to Luna for saving him when she was just an egg. Luna's sensitivity increased +100 and Spirit gave her 2000G as his gratitude. She tried to decline it but Spirit just flew away.

January 1206

1x Tavern

1x Vacation at mountains

1x Tavern

This time Luna was disappointed with working in tavern after such heroic deeds, even mysterious young man in palace did not affect her sad mood much. She proclaimed that it is important to live our lives close to Lord. The following months will be very hard, but I hope that she'll understand that we do it for her good. Pathetic phrase, I know...

February 1206

1x Tavern

1x Rest with money

1x Tavern

Castle: Archbishop - Popularity: 504

Stats: Conversation: 31, Social Reputation: 298

March 1206

1x Tavern

1x Rest with money

1x Tavern

Our old kitchen friend Domovoi granted Luna more power: Cleaning +4.

Castle: Archbishop - Popularity: 528

Stats: Conversation: 43, Social Reputation: 310

April 1206

2x Tavern

I knew that deep in the forest live some nice fairies and that such a sensitive child as Luna would see them. I hoped that they'd help her and calm down her stress.

1x Forest adventure

Castle: Archbishop - Popularity: 552

Stats: Conversation: 55, Social Reputation: 322, Cooking: 129, Housework Reputation: 413, Stress: 0

May 1206

3x Tavern

Castle: Archbishop - Popularity: 576

Stats: Conversation: 70, Social Reputation: 337

June 1206

1x Vacation at sea

2x Church

Castle: Archbishop - Popularity: 600

Stats: Morals: 157, Faith: 278

July 1206

1x Vacation at sea

2x Tavern

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 610

Stats: Conversation: 77, Social Reputation: 344

August 1206

2x Tavern

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 620

Luna had very hard summer, so I bought her a nice doll to reduce her sadness at least a little.

Stats: Conversation: 88, Social Reputation: 355

September 1206

1x Rest with money

2x Tavern

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 630

Fat businessman asked Luna's hand. He wanted me to sell my daughter to become her wife. Luna's answer was written on her face, so I showed him the doors. He left us 1000G as a small present for 'thinking about his proposal'.

Stats: Conversation: 100, Social Reputation: 367

October 1206

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 640

Luna went to Dance tournament again and left Anita to be beaten by others. She won and gained Social Reputation +40, 3000G and Lady's Ring. Once again fatman came and left 900G. When he left, Luna smiled and said that if he thinks that he can decrease money he leave here and hope for her hand, he's on the wrong way. He's on the wrong way anyway, she added, but this way is even wronger.

Stats: Social Reputation: 367

1st November 1206 to 31st October 1207 Luna is clearly one of the most refined and well-behaving young ladies in the kingdom, but she agrees that she needs more knowledge about the world around us and creatures living in it. So our primary aim is to increase her intelligence and her social skills as a secondary goal.

November 1206

1x Vacation at sea

2x Science

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 650

Luna was certainly irritated by aggressive people making fun of her, while she was working as waitress, so she began to challenge them one by one. Today it was the magic that defeated poor wimp.

Stats: Intelligence: 70, Faith: 271, Magic Defense: 38

December 1206

1x Vacation at mountains

2x Science

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 660

Magical challenge

Stats: Sensitivity: 630, Intelligence: 144, Faith: 260, Magic Defense: 30

Luna was already powerful sorceress

January 1207

1x Vacation at mountains

1x Science

1x Fighting

Magical challenge

Once again Luna was at palace with her friend until the midnight. I'm sure that she's deeply in love with him. Or he is 'really good' friend for her at least. She still blushes every time I try to ask, so I try my best not to do it.

Stats: Sensitivity: 642, Intelligence: 183, Faith: 257, Magic Defense: 27, Magic Reputation: 310, Combat Defense: 37, Fighter Reputation: 401

February 1207

1x Vacation at mountains

2x Church

Castle: Minister - Popularity: 678

Magical challenge

Stats: Sensitivity: 654, Morals: 172, Faith: 287

March 1207

1x Vacation at sea

2x Church

Castle: Minister - Popularity: 696

Fighting challenge

And again I showed the doors to fatman: 800G. And bought Luna a doll (because it was for Luna I got 120G cost thing for 84 only!), it seems to me that she does not want to do any work now. It raised her mood a little bit.

Stats: Morals: 190, Faith: 323

April 1207

2x Church

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Minister - Popularity: 714

Magical challenge

Another fatman came and left us 900G.

Stats: Morals: 207, Faith: 357

May 1207

3x Theology

Castle: Minister - Popularity: 735

Stats: Faith: 398, Intelligence: 210, Magical Defense: 42, Magical Reputation: 365

June 1207

2x Theology

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Minister - Popularity: 757

Stats: Faith: 425, Intelligence: 227, Magical Defense: 49, Magical Reputation: 372

July 1207

3x Decorum

Castle: Minister - Popularity: 779

Stats: Refinement: 421

August 1207

1x Free time without money

2x Decorum

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 789

On the day of her birthday Luna was challenged and won thanks to her powerful magic missiles. Also she rejected another marriage proposal and got 500G as a present. I bought Luna a new Tea Cup and gave her 80G as pocket money. Luna gave me a pair of socks she made as a birthday present too, she's certainly growing!

Stats: Refinement: 490, Magical Reputation: 372

September 1207

2x Decorum

1x Vacation at sea

Paimon visited us and granted Luna some of his power: Conversation +5.

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 799

Stats: Refinement: 535, Social Reputation: 412

October 1207
Luna left Anita to her pitiful struggle to become the best warrior in kingdom and successfully won another dance competition! Another 3000G, Social Reputation +40 and Lady's Ring.

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 809

Stats: Refinement: 452

1st November 1207 to 5th August 1208 I fear that this will be the last year during which Luna will remain in my house. She grew into beautiful, intelligent and refined young lady, and all young men in the city will gladly become her husbands. So I'll try to help Luna in becoming into even more shining star in the skies of our old dusty world.

November 1207

2x Decorum

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 819

Stast: Refinement: 603

December 1207

3x Decorum

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 829

Stats: Refinement: 671

January 1208

3x Decorum

As usual in January, Luna went into palace and returned later in the evening. She just mysteriously smiled at me and said that everything is really fine. I'm glad that she had fun, but I can't imagine that my small girl grew so fast.

Stats: Refinement: 746

February 1208

2x Decorum

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 839

Stats: Refinement: 791

March 1208

1x Decorum

1x Church

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 849

I rejected another proposal (800G) and gave Luna some pocket money (90G) as she seems to me being quite sad last time. Maybe she misses the boy from palace?

Stats: Morals: 215, Faith: 441

April 1208

2x Church

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 859

I gave Luna some pocket money (90G) once again for raising her mood. She's old enough to make wise use of them.

Stats: Morals: 232, Faith: 475

May 1208

3x Decorum

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 869

Luna vanquished another annoying man in a magical challenge.

Stats: Refinement: 882, Magical Reputation: 402

June 1208

2x Decorum

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Queen - Popularity: 879

Stats: Refinement: 931

July 1208

2x Decorum

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Concubine - Popularity: 889

Stats: Refinement: 978

August 1208

1x Vacation at sea

Castle: Concubine - Popularity: 899

I bought Luna Tea Cup as a birthday present (they wanted only 300G!) and received a pair of gloves! Luna also defeated another villain trying to rob old woman on the street.

Stats: Magical Reputation: 412

5th August 1208
Because it was quite certain that she'll leave me soon, we sold old Summer and Winter Dresses and Healing Pill. I gave her my favourite part of library consisting of 29 great books.

I have no words to describe our shock when His Majesty, King himself, gave his throne to Luna. And even greater was the shock of Luna marrying Prince - that mysterious young man from the palace - himself. She was really the best daughter any father could wish. And I'm proud to serve and provide an advise to our young Ruling Queen Luna, as I was proud father of her.
And here she is, Luna Silverwind, 18 years old Ruling Queen of our Kingdom

Constitution: 417

Strength: 307

Intelligence: 459

Refinement: 999

Charisma: 282

Morals: 232

Faith: 475

Sensitivity: 718

Fighter Reputation: 411

Magic Reputation: 412

Social Reputation: 452

Housework Reputation: 413

Luna Silverwind, Ruling Queen

Combat Skill: 103

Combat Attack: 101

Combat Defense: 37

Magical Skill: 113

Magical Attack: 110

Magical Defense: 49

Decorum: 103

Art: 104

Conversation: 105

Cooking: 129

Cleaning: 104

Temperament: 100

Relationship with Father: 100

Relationship with Cube: 2

Relationship with Prince: 96

Killed monsters: 7

Maternal Instinct: 34

Height: 5.3'' (160cm), Weight: 91.25lbs (41kg), 35.22-22.45-35.42'' (89-57-90cm)

Total Score: 1286

July 2001
Stepan 'SJ' Stepanov

P.S. And a few people can claim that they possess pair of gloves from Queen herself! ^_^

P.P.S. I have an even better record than this one based on treasure stealing technique, but that is entirely different story...

The End

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